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01 Jun '16

Is It Festival Season Yet?

Posted by Kayleigh Hayes
There are 366 days in a leap year. That’s 8,784 hours, or 527,040 minutes, or 31,622,400 seconds. For many of us, each year we look forward to four of those days, 96 of those hours, 5,760 of those minutes,345,600 of those seconds. That fraction of time is spent surrounded by throngs of strangers from across the globe diving headfirst into the sights and sounds that is the festival season. From Bonnaroo to Coachella, Lollapalooza to Governors Ball, Firefly to Ultra, there is no shortage of places to experience what millions have made their own personal wonderland.

                      Are You Serious?

That means there’s been nearly 8,784 hours since Rearrange Us took part in its last festival, and much has happened in that time. For starters, we’ve moved from the Sunshine State to the Big Apple, and that’s changed our festival trajectory significantly. Next week, while many of you flood towards Tennessee to take part in the 15th (!!!) annual smorgasbord that is Bonnaroo, or to Seoul for Ultra, because who the fuck knows, maybe that's your jam, we will be holding it down a bit further north at Mysteryland in Bethel, NY.



Where Am I? 

While we hate that we won’t get to see many familiar faces throughout the southeast, we’re ecstatic at the prospect of getting down and dirty with new friends in New York. But this ain’t the Big Apple, y’all: Bethel, much like Manchester, TN, is effectively in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, much like Manchester, Bethel is known for a certain festival, one steeped in tradition. It was home to the mack-daddy of music festivals, the originator of aural occasions, the epicenter of euphony: Woodstock.

....You know, the one with Limp Bizkit and Creed?


Yeah, But No.

Except… we’re more keen on the one with Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. You know, the one your parents talk about. It was the product of the Summer of Love and had more drugs than a Merry Pranksters World Tour. Yeah, the original Woodstock. The spot that taught us to let it all go and just enjoy it for what it was: loving the music, ourselves, and enjoying it with everyone else who came to share in it.

It’s the same spot in a different age though, but with all the accoutrements you’d expect from the area: booming bass, flashing lights, and a selection of highs as varied as the lineup. That of course ranges anywhere from Skrillex to Young Thug, Ryan Hemsworth to Gramatik, or even Technicolor Ninja to Eagles & Butterflies. We’re not well versed on the last two yet, but you get the idea.

Is This Real Life?

No need to spaz out dear reader, not all has changed. Yes, it's a festival the first week of June, that hasn’t changed. The real world will return the following Monday, but if you can’t catch us at your preferred venue of choice, you can always catch us online at shoprearrangeus.com or on our Insta, @rearrangeus.

Equally exciting is that Marcus Branch, our travelling photographer from last year at Bonnaroo, will be joining us again this year at Mysteryland. The photos scattered about are all thanks to him, and you can check out more of them at MarcusBranch.com during Mysteryland by searching for #MBdoesRU.


     Mind = Blown.

Yeah, the housing market is in ruins, the election Armageddon is ongoing, and making a decent living is a dream gone dead, but we’ll be damned if we let that hold back the experience that makes up a music festival. It’s the opportunity to meet a thousand like-minded individuals and expand the horizons of our own reality. It’s our getaway; a place where the senses run wild and then into each other.

We share that time with each other, for however long it might last. We might not share it with you at Mysteryland some 170 odd hours from now, but the countdown begins again.

Remember: after next weekend, there are only 8,760 hours until we met again…