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Rearrange Us is a men's and Women's youth oriented emerging brand. Keeping a green business model, we specialize in sourcing thrifted, vintage, and stagnate clothing up and down the East Coast, that is then made into brand new one of a kind pieces. Rethinking the idea of mass production, Rearrange Us clothing delivers exclusive clothing for the individual. From new cuts, all the way to hand studding, style no longer dies, it just gets rearranged.

With a production shop in Central Florida and a sales headquarters in Brooklyn New York, Rearrange Us keeps 100% of it's labor in the United States. Rearrange Us is the Counter Culture for the Modern Age.

The Team

Rearrange Us is comprised of a team of dedicated and hard working young individuals who love providing quality one of a kind clothing to the masses. At the helm of the company, is Founder & CEO Kayleigh Hayes. With an AA in business and BFA in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising, the 24 year old go-getter has selflessly dumped every resource into creating her branded idea of what a clothing company should be. Check back on the site and look at some of our future travel dates to meet some of our incredibly friendly staff.

Where to find us.

Rearrange Us is not only online, but also up and down the East Coast of the US. Be sure to keep an eye out for our future travel dates to do some IRL shopping!

Williamsburg Artist & Fleas @70 N 7th St

Interested in collaborating with us? 
Contact us at PublicRelations@shoprearrangeus.com

Have a general question or not sure what size to order? 
Contact us at info@shoprearrangeus.com