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Customer Service

Customer FAQ’S
How do I know which size to order? 

Each Rearrange Us item is a custom piece and varies in sizing. To be sure you order the perfect fit for you, please refer to the product description. Every product has it’s specific measurements listed. Find the piece that best refers to your bust/waist/or hip sizing.

If you’re not entirely sure what your specific measurements are, every product also features a “fits like” comparison.


Why is there only one item in stock for each style?

We see the idea of mass production differently. Every Rearrange Us item is specially made. Although we have repeated styles, no two pieces are exactly alike. This makes every Rearrange Us item totally unique!

What if the item I ordered doesn’t end up fitting?

Contact us at info@shoprearrangeus.com letting us know and we’ll be more than happy to mail you out a replacement in our current inventory.

Where does Rearrange Us clothing originate from?

Every item in our shop is originally a vintage (20 years or older) item that is then re-designed into a brand new piece. By specializing in up-cycled vintage reconstruction, we not only make unique clothing for the youth generation, but also re-think the concept of waste!

I love your brand! Do you collaborate with bloggers?

We are constantly looking to further outreach our social media efforts by looking for fellow up and coming style lovers. If you have a popular blog of social media platform and would like to collaborate with us, please send an email to public relations@shoprearrangeus.com